Anne-Fieke Later (1967)

Coming from a family of painters and musicians art played a prominent part in Later's life.

As a young child she loved to draw but at the time did not realize she would decide to make a living out of her art in later life. In her teenage years she studied at the school of Drama in Amsterdam, as well as performing regularly as a jazz singer in her twinbrother's band. Eventually the acting and singing brought her to her true passion: painting and making pastel drawings.

She saw this as the ultimate way to express her innermost feelings and ideas, and  she decided to fully dedicate her time to her art. 

This lead to a fascinating and surprising quest in which realism and symbolism have both played an important role, something especially evident in Later's Tweekunst (trnsl: Twinart) project. Together with her composer twin Eugène Later, they have succeeded in combining music and art. They do this in such a way that they try to simultaneously create the music and the painting, looking for ways to make the two as harmonious as possible. Besides her Tweekunst projects, she makes beautiful pastel drawings and pet portraits as well as still life studies.